Shadow Work Therapy

What is the Shadow?

The shadow is anything that we have actively, or out of awareness, suppressed into our subconscious.

The Shadow is a term for everything we can’t see in ourselves. Shadow work is how to contact, get to know and integrate your darkside

Scott Jeffery, CEOsage

What is Shadow work?

Based heavily in Jungian theory, Shadow Work is essentially a healing modality. It is an ideology and set of techniques that can assist in improving emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. It is a very powerful form of healing which can transform a person’s outlook and free them from that which no longer serves their best interests.

We offer shadow work as part of SLCC service. Whether you’re seeking sessions purely dedicated to deep shadow work, or you would prefer to structure sessions to incorporate shadow work at a more subtle level, each session will be tailored to suit your needs.

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Why is Shadow work important?

Shadow repression can manifest differently in every individual, it can lead to very unhealthy and destructive relationships with our self, others and the outside world. Because the shadow is out of our awareness, often, we do not know why we are behaving destructively and are prone to repeat patterns of behavior which can sabotage our overall well-being, personal success, happiness and relationships with those we love.

What are the benefits of Shadow work?

  • Personal Growth
  • Psychological, Emotional & Spiritual Maturity
  • Trauma Healing
  • Assist in helping with overcoming strong negative emotions
  • Assist in breaking damaging behavior
  • Better relationships (including preventing projection)
  • A more accurate view of the world
  • Improved physical health
  • A more fulfilling life based on honesty, integrity & ownership

Shadow Work is a practice that helps us become whole again…to experience deep healing.”

Aletheia Luna, LonerWolf

Is Shadow Work suitable for everyone?

The short answer is no. It is not suitable for children or young people. Further, Shadow Work can be very confronting. It takes much emotional labor, can cause upheaval and reveal things about ourselves that we may not be ready to face. It can also alter our personal narrative.

The Dangers of Shadow work

While Shadow Work has many benefits, it does not come without a warning. Shadow Work is a form of ‘breaking’ and if you already feel broken this style of therapy is not going to help you. If you undertake Shadow Work with low-levels of self-esteem, it can make you feel even worse about yourself. Before completing any form of Shadow Work you should have some kind of ‘firm base’ or solid level of self-esteem to return to.

How will I know if Shadow Work is suitable for me?

I provide a free and comprehensive assessment. I work ethically and will never put your emotional, psychological or spiritual well being at risk.

What happens if Shadow Work is not suitable for me?

You may not be ready for Shadow Work yet. However, during sessions we can work to raise levels of self-esteem and find tools to boost to self-confidence.

Do I have to pay for the assessment?

No. This will always be free of charge.

How long does each session last?

We offer shadow work as part of SLCC service. Sessions last approximately 50 minutes. We often combine sessions with a short journal exercise to cultivate self-esteem and encourage self-compassion.

What about confidentiality?

The content of our session remains confidential between you & I, unless I feel you are at risk from seriously hurting yourself or someone else. If this happened, I would need to share limited information with appropriate professionals. I would always speak to you first and the process would be completely transparent.

I also attend supervision. However, this is to discuss my way of working & my clients’ personal details are kept private.

On the odd occasion that I need to take notes, these are safely stored in compliance with the GPRD & then destroyed once no longer needed.

Are you qualified to conduct Shadow Work?

Yes. I have experience within the counselling field and hold a separate specialised Shadow Work Practitioner Certificate. I have also undergone deep Shadow Work myself and continue to do so. If you see any therapist for Shadow Work, always check they have undergone this type of work themselves.

I have more questions, what now?

Please feel free to contact me. You can email me directly or go to the Contact tab.

Taking time to recognise the beauty of the darkness allows for integration and reconciliation.

Ashley turner, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

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