Journaling Therapy

What is Journaling Therapy?

Journaling therapy is the therapeutic use of  writing exercises to bring about awareness and improve well-being.

We may feel that we are easily able to express ourselves, however, the truth is that when challenging, upsetting or traumatic events occur in our lives, we can often suppress the most painful feelings associated with these situations, which in turn can lead us to feeling emotionally stuck or unable to move beyond the incident.

Journaling Therapy supports the expression of our feelings and provides an extension of the safe space created in therapy. It also helps to build self-esteem and raise awareness. Your journal can be used as a place to drop unwanted emotions, as a reflective space, or to chart growth and change.

We offer Journaling Therapy as part of our SLCC Service. You can find our prices on our SLCC pricing and packages page.

How does it work?

There are many different journaling techniques and prompts which can help in supporting you with your healing journey.

During your session, if your therapist thinks you may benefit from a particular journaling exercise, they will discuss this option with you. The journaling exercise will then be sent to you with clear instructions within 48 hours of your session taking place.

As the exercises & techniques you will learn throughout sessions are tailored specifically for your needs, they can be used again & again to help you overcome any future issued which may arise.

What issues can Journaling Therapy help with?

Any emotional or physical problems including but not limited to; Anxiety, depression, trauma recovery, relationship issues, lack of joy, creative blockages, communication issues, disconnect with self, grief, addiction and many other of life’s challenges.

Benefits include:
+ Reduced stress                               
+ Improvement to overall well-being
+ Regulations of emotions             

+ Goal achievement & maintenance
+ Boost in working memory          

+ Enhanced personal empowerment, confidence and self-awareness
+ Enhanced connection to self     

Do I share my writing with the therapist?

No. Your writing will be entirely private. You may wish to share insights that you have had, patterns that you have recognised, or any issues which have been bought to your awareness, however, your journals content will be for your eyes only.

Are you qualified specifically in Journaling Therapy?

Yes, I hold a counselling diploma and a separate Journaling Therapy diploma. Please see my experience & qualifications page for further info.

Do I have to complete journaling exercises?

Absolutely not. Your therapist will always discuss the option with you, but it is up to you whether you would like to incorporate journaling therapy into your healing journey.

I have more questions, what now?

Please feel free to contact me. You can email me directly or go to the ‘Contact’ tab.