Founder’s Story

The Labels

Besides being a spirit having a human experience, professionally, I am an Integrative Counsellor, Ascension Guide, Channeler & Reader, Akashic Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Energy Healer, Teacher and Meditation Instructor. I am a passionate follower of The Divine Feminine, Magical path and Crystal Child, combining my skill set to assist healing on both an individual level and within the collective consciousness.

The Tidal Wave

By nature, I have always been a healer and a teacher. I spent most of my life traveling, teaching and gathering knowledge in these fields.

In 2005, after settling in Korea, a metaphorical tidal wave hit my life, wiping out everything I’d worked for. Following a series of mistakes, the hospital where I gave birth, euthanized my son. They made this decision out of financial concern for themselves and the payout they would be liable for if my son had lived.  What followed was something out of the worst nightmare anyone could endure. I fought alone for 2 years to find some sense of justice for him. I was no longer able to work in my field and I was forced to walk away from the apartment I owned & leave everything behind.

When I returned to the UK, I had nothing; mentally & physically broken, I began a very long healing journey.

The Attempts to Heal

My case was so extraordinary & extreme that many counsellors did not feel qualified to work with me. The doctors’ advice was to take medication. Eventually, I went back to night school & trained as a counsellor myself.

Soon after qualifying I returned to work in the education system where I could use my skills to make a difference. In this time, I also volunteered as a counsellor. As much as I loved working with young people & counselling, something was not quite right. I was permanently sick & exhausted and the weight was piling on. I spent so much energy trying to prove that I was healed from the trauma and trying to fit in and catch up with what I missed. But it was something in myself that was missing; a lack of joy & fulfillment; Me.

By 2016 I weighed 22st 10 (318lbs / 145kg) and my poor little scales went all the way round.

I found myself always daydreaming and detached from those closest to me, hours spent eating junk food & escaping into random TV shows I had little interest in. I hardly ever went out & if I did I would drink heavily due to social anxiety. I was always embarrassed with my physical appearance and avoided mirrors as much as I could.

One day, I quite literally woke up; I got out of bed, looked around at the life I had worked so hard to rebuild, and nothing fitted with who I truly was. It was as if I had awoken to a life that was not mine or meant for me. I thought about the independent, confident, bright young girl who used to openly talk to trees, channel, gaze at the stars & feel such joy staring at the moon. Just a simple moment of remembrance & my heart broke. I had become co-dependent, chronically physically ill, morbidly obese and completely lost in who the world thought I should be.

The Awakening

That was the last day I lived that way. Within a year I lost 10 stone (140lbs/ 64kgs), I divorced my husband, I traveled extensively, including a 9-week road trip in the USA, followed by shorter trips to Egypt, Russia, Thailand & Prague. I forced myself to be alone and to reconnect with my true being. It was terrifying, beautiful & freeing all at once.

Universal challenges hit me hard, time and time again, each one building me into a stronger version of myself, teaching me the lessons I needed to learn. I learned how to navigate the ebb & flows, my weight loss continued and stabilized at a healthy weight, my energy is five times what is was in my twenties and most importantly, I have inner peace and true joy. I am still learning and hope I will always continue to do so, only now I stand firmly within my own robust personal power and have faith in who I am, proud of my unique gifts, enjoying the journey as I learn & grow.

The Mission

And now, my mission is to empower and inspire others to heal and stand proudly within their own personal power, while assisting them to embrace their authentic self & unique gifts (including the more shadowy aspects) with kindness & compassion, leading to a more congruent & fulfilling life and thus raising the vibration of Gaia as a whole. And this is how Nymah Healing came to be.

Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason.

Katrina Mayer

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