Experience & Qualifications


I began training as a counsellor in 2010. I held placements with The Foyer, The Info Shop, YMCA and SASS (Drugs & Alcohol).  I have experience of both remote & face-to-face counselling in issues such as depression, low self-esteem, existential crisis, awakening symptoms, bereavement and coping with the loss of a child.  I am also a qualified Shadow Work Practitioner (Jung) and Journaling Therapist.

Group work

I have facilitated groups including; Anger Management, Strategies to overcome EBD, Living with Depression, Assertiveness training & Confidence building, and Stress & Anxiety management. I have lead groups with adults, children and young people.


I have worked extensively in education both in the UK and internationally specialising in English as a Foreign Language, SEN (Special Education Needs), EBD (emotional & behavioural difficulties), Autism and Adult literacy. Having worked with adults, children & young people, teaching and education has been my lifelong passion.

Healing, Divination & Channeling

I am the daughter of an Aura Healer & Indigo Child (Father) & Spiritual Healer & Medium (Mother). I have been channeling for as long as I can remember and healing since I was 18 years old. I have practiced divination (reading) and worked with the Akashic Records most of my life.

Online groups

I have run online groups for Star seeds, Lightworkers, Indigo & Crystal Children, Emapths and HSP’s with a focus on healing, supporting & helping people to expand their knowledge & build confidence & experience with using and harnessing their unique gifts.

Qualifications, CPD & Further Training

BA (Hons) Communication Studies
International TEFL cert including 50 hours of practical assessed teaching
NFCE Level 1: Certificate in Interpersonal Skills
NFCE Level 2: Award in Helping Skills
NFCE Level 3: Award in Counselling Skills & Theory
CPCAB Level 4: Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (QFC) – 2 year course; including 100 hours client work, supervision, IAPT, Ethics & Safety

Certificates Held (with distinction) :
Shadow Work Practitioner
Crystal Healing

Diplomas Held (with distinction) :
Chakra & Aura Healing
Journal Therapy
Meditation Teaching
Meridian Psychotherapy (EFT)
Spiritual Life Coaching

Further training / CPD
Drugs & Alcohol Counselling – SASS
Gambling Addiction Training – GamCare
Working with Young People & Trauma – YMCA
Difference & Diversity Training (updated yearly)
Safeguarding certificate (updated yearly)
Existential Counselling Workshop – Ernesto Spinelli
Working with Dyslexia & Dyscalculia
Working with Autism

Insurance & Membership

I am fully insured to practice, teach & run workshops both remotely (online/telephone) and in person.

Membership – International Alliance of Holistic Therapists (Silver membership)