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This message is for the Star Seeds / Light Workers and anyone on the Ascension path:

Many of you who have worked with me will know that I do a lot of work surrounding both timelines and manifesting.

You will also know I very much adhere to encouraging everyone to follow their own path in their own time.

However, we are at a critical juncture right now, and I am consistently being urged to speak out about a very dangerous theory/ narrative which is emerging.

I’ll present the two versions of this theory below and if anyone resonates with either, please take the time to read that section fully.

The theory I’m referring to I’ll term as: The Hero Narrative

There are 2 versions of this theory that I am seeing:

Version one: The Warrior Leader

Version two: The External Hero (an agenda pushed by groups known as the White Hats/ Qanon/ The Pentagon)


This is where those on the ascension path believe they are here to lead in a position of power. This is true in part, as we are all receiving the call to step up. However, WE ARE TO DO THIS AS PART OF THE COLLECTIVE, SERVING THE COLLECTIVE. We are not here to be a figure which serves our own ego. We are all equally important.

This version of the narrative has arisen because we are tapping into very powerful source energy.

If you attach yourself to this narrative, you will ultimately create a hierarchy which is part of the old paradigm in which we have been working to shift away from. Hence you are feeding into the loop.

If you are experiencing this you need to ground, you need to work with deep empathy and call in your guides to keep you humble.


This is the most dangerous of narratives to emerge as it is fear based.

This theory suggests that this current situation has arisen so that an external hero (Donald Trump / The Pentagon etc) can rid the world of Evil.

This is a nice theory, right? We all know there’s some very disturbing things happening in this world, so what’s so wrong with it.?

Why is this so very dangerous?

If you are buying into this theory, it means you are succumbing to fear and looking for the external to save you.

Please, I urge you to think about what you’ve learnt since your awakening:

The lessons of stepping into Personal power (by which I mean power over yourself and not another)

The lesson of self – resilience

And most importantly, the lesson of breaking away from a DUALISTIC way of being (Binary oppositions night//day, good// evil etc)

If you buy into this narrative not only will you willingly give away your personal power which goes against the core tenant of FREE WILL, you will also keep manifesting a world in which in order for their to be a ‘hero’ you will need keep manifesting the ‘evil’ that you so want to rid the world of because one can not be without the other.

I know lots of you are arranging meditations and sending healing towards this cause. Please think rationally. Think what you are buying into.

The old paradigms are already falling away, if you attach yourself to this narrative, you will land on a subservient timeline loop and as many of you have harnessed your unique gifts, you could actually create much worse chaos than we are currently in.

If you are succumbing to this narrative, I urge you to look to Taoism, to meditate past the fear which is blocking you and attaching you to this narrative, and to call in your higher guides to clear and stabilize you.

We are all living through this right now, together, and we can use this experience to create a better world, but we need to do it with wisdom and discernment ~ Nymah Healing

The Road has been long 08.12.2019

Never have so many souls, at one time, collectively engaged with the pure intention of healing. The road has been long, this is the last push, we are nearly there.

The Significance of 12/12

The number 12 has a great significance and is commonly associated with completeness and seen as a perfect and harmonious unit. In the UK, elections will fall on 12/12, the same day as the Full Cold Moon, and the Geminid Meteor Showers.

12 is the smallest abundant number, a sublime number (a number that has a perfect number of divisors), and the sum of its divisors is also a perfect number. In numerology it signifies completion. Consequently, 12 has greatly influenced us throughout history.

Time & the cosmos: 12 is a symbol of cosmic order and associated with the government of the cosmos. As such, the number 12 has been consistently used as a division of time; there are 12 months in the Western calendar because there are approximately 12 full lunations per year. The hours of the day are split into two sections of 12 (am and pm). Jupiter takes around 12 Earth years to orbit the Sun, and this December, Jupiter will transit through Capricorn for the first time in 12 years. The Babylonians split the heavens into twelve equal sections giving us the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Religion & Mythology:  12 has been referenced countless times throughout ancient religious text & mythology because of its significance. For example, there are 12 Apostles, Abraham & Jacob had 12 sons which led to the 12 Tribes of Israel, Jesus chose 12 disciples, in the book of Revelations there are 12 gates and 12 angels. The Twelve Imams are successors to the profit of Islam , Muhammad (PBUH). The ancient Zoroastrians had twelve commanders on the side of light (light being a symbol for the sun), King Arthur had 12 Knights, there were 12 gods of Olympus, Hercules performed twelve labors, there were 12 original Titans.

Art: There are 12 basic hues in the colour wheel

The Heart (Hindu) : The symbol for the heart chakra (Anahata) has 12 petals. The heart is protected by the human rib cage made up of 12 paired rib bones.

Angel Numbers: 12 is perceived as a sign to ensure that what you put out to the Universe is of a positive nature and an invitation to focus on your divine life purpose and soul mission. This number is related to your inner wisdom and inner strength.

Dense Energy and preparations for 12/12 & 2020

This year we’ve worked harder than ever; we’ve purged, reflected, spent time in isolation doing the inner work, confronting and working through shadows & triggers. We’ve experienced lesson after lesson, some of which have been the hardest we have had to navigate.  

Many will be feeling the effects of this dense energy and the heightened Schumann Resonance. This may manifest in feelings of hopeless, being overwhelmed, feelings of anxiety & depression, anger & frustration, as well as physical illness.

Many of you who are connected to the ethereal planes would have received a ‘stop’ message or sign in some form. Others are being guided to ‘batten down the hatches’. This is nothing to be concerned about. You are simply being guided to protect your energy and your sacred light to keep vibrating at a high frequency without lower level interference.

Star Seeds, Light-workers, Witches, Empaths & Healers are also experiencing ‘attacks’. These are coming externally in the form of those who have not yet completed their inner work and are looking to project what they cannot carry.  

Internally, they are coming from our own Ego, outdated scripts and patterns of behavior in the form of negative thoughts, exaggerated narratives, old habits & addictions, unhealthy attachments and so forth.

But we’ve done the work. We’ve learnt from those devastating lessons. This is nothing more than an opportunity to show how we’ve progressed.

The aim of this final lesson is to keep our frequency at a vibration of LOVE, honoring feelings over thought. We are to exert governance over our expressions using the wisdom we have gained, and this extends to protection. This is why 12 is so significant. We are being invited to move closer to our most authentic divine being.

Feeling challenged?

It sounds easy, but with all the above, it is proving difficult.

The following tips, when used in order, will be very useful to build a daily routine. Many of them you will know already and yet you may have stopped practicing . Now is the time to reinvest in these practices. Though the list is long, each only takes a minute or so to complete and they will assist you in being ready & prepared for 12/12.

~ Upon waking ~

GRATITUDE – The moment you open your eyes from sleep, list 5 things you are grateful for. You may also wish to extend this to a journal exercise that you complete at a different time of the day or evening.

GROUND – Use meditations or visualizations, breathing exercises, walks in nature.

CLEAR YOUR ENERGY – Use meditations, visualizations, prayers and mantras to clear energies which are not yours.

CALLING BACK YOUR ENERGY – You may also want to call back any of your energy that has been scattered throughout the night and day. However, only proceed with this step if you are not working with timelines or past lives trauma healing. If you are working with either of these, avoid this step. This is particularly important for Star Seeds.

PROTECTION – Incorporate a protection ritual into your daily routine. Again, you may want to use meditations & visualizations, shielding, magic rituals or mantras such as ‘I am loved, I am protected.’

FORGIVENESS – forgiveness is not for the sake of others; it is for the sake of you and your heart chakra. You cannot vibrate at a high frequency if you are actively carrying and investing in wounds or anger.

Forgiveness does not mean tolerating poor behavior. You have every right to cut chords with those who have caused you harm, even if only temporarily, so that you have time to heal and readjust. However, practice forgiveness daily through form of mantra, prayer or visualization so that you are not carrying others energy or the effects of their energies.

SET YOUR INTENTION – Setting your intention can change your entire day. Keep it simply. Assess what you need and then set your intention.

CLEANSE YOUR VESSEL – Before eating or drinking any other beverage, drink a large glass of filtered water to cleanse your vessel. Add a touch of hot water to make it warm, or lemon, for an extra boost.

Throughout the day

TRIGGERS & PROJECTION – Identify yet strive to not react. The moment you feel triggered, step back, take a deep breath or 3. Take some time out and then reflect on the trigger. Use it to identify and address the area you need to heal. Do NOT project onto others. Others are struggling, if you do project onto them, you will cause a ripple of negativity stemming from your own unhealed trauma, which will go against the collective healing ethos.

If you recognise you have projected onto someone, apologise and make amends. If that person asks for space or time out from you, be accepting of this. They know what they need better than you do.

JOURNAL – Journal anything you need to. Use that space to dump, express, explore, inspire, reflect, grow & motivate.

USE FOOD AS MEDICINE – Colour can lift our mood instantly. If you’re feeling down, cook with bright colours. If you feel as if a charka is blocked or under-active, feed it the corresponding colour it needs. Reflect on your cravings, ask yourself, ‘what is my body lacking’ and redress the balance.

General help & Advice

SOS HEALING BOX – put together an SOS box for when your vibe is at a low ebb, these can be healing, bring you comfort or anything that inspires you. Try and address as many senses as you can. For example, my box contains;

Visual: Images, memes, words, art, phrases and short passages from text. I Include anything that instantly resonates with my heart chakra.
Smell: Herbs, spices, oils and scents that bring me a sense of comfort and warmth. These can be applied to a small piece of cloth or come from nature such as pine needles.
Touch: Any materials that bring me comfort and a sense of cosiness.Crystals & stones. Wooden objects. Anything that has a texture with which I resonant on a ‘feelings’ level.
Sound: Playlists of my favorite high vibration’s songs and music. Sound clips of that which brings me instant peace. Sound bowls and bells.

OTHER PEOPLE – Do not invest energy in people who are aiming to bring you down. Withdraw your energy, if only temporarily, open your SOS box and refocus on yourself. Keep your boundaries firmly in place and maintained and do not be afraid to say ‘NO’. It’s one of the most powerful words we have.

HONOR LOVE OVER FEAR – Before speaking, ask yourself, is this coming from a place of FEAR or LOVE?  If it’s coming from a place of fear, don’t say it – journal that stuff. Practice choosing the kind option over all others.

*A side note on this; by love & kindness, I also mean self-love and being kind to yourself. You are a sacred being and if you do not honor yourself, others will quickly learn, they do not need to either.

CELEBRATE & CONGRATULATE YOURSELF – celebrate even the smallest of wins. Reflect on the year as a whole and look at all the progress you’ve made.  You may feel you’ve progressed in one area and not another. That shows awareness, celebrate it! Celebrate all you are, you beautiful, sacred beings.

Helpful links for meditations and articles

**Please note: These are not my meditations but the those that I use for my own daily routine**

Each meditation is fairly short, under 15 minutes, and contain grounding. ~ Cleanse your Energy Field, Receive Downloads, Unite with the Collective ~ PSYCHIC PROTECTION GUIDED MEDITATION- protective bubble for sensitive souls and empaths Powerful Spiritual Protection Cleansing White Light Meditation

~Articles~ – 7 Simple Grounding Techniques For Calming Down Quickly – 7 Tips to Create Healthy Boundaries with Others – 6 Steps For Setting Good Boundaries & Actually Maintaining Them

We’ve worked so hard. We’ve got this. Wishing you all a Blessed Yule filled with love. With much, much love ~ Nymah Healing.

Thoughts on the collective fear of WW3 – channeled message 05.01.2019

I know there are some of you who are greatly concerned about the prospects of WW3. I received this message at 3am this morning and wanted to share it:

“You, the ground crew, who have been present on Gaia to witness the unfolding while completing the most challenging of inner work:

You began by understanding the I AM which led to the WE ARE

You faced day after day, week after week of solitude and isolation, often facing loses of those you once greatly cherished

You learned to connect with your inner self, your higher self and the Divine

You learned how to heal past traumas, healing not only yourself, but creating a ripple effect that positively effected community and the collective as a whole

You learned to face your shadow, learning how to take self-accountability and avoid projection

You learned to steady the mind with meditation, and then to use this energy, spreading its light across the world

You experienced timeline shifts and learned to move with the ebb and flows on the tides of time that most will never understand

You broke, more than once, and you learned to rebuild yourself from a base of kindness and pure love

You faced universal challenge after universe challenge and learned the power of overthought, of not feeding the ego, and that which distracts you from your higher path. You learned resilience.

You learned how you are a powerful creator and manifestor and the responsibility that comes with this

You learned that true power is inner power and not power over others

This was never a war of light versus darkness, it was and has always been the same battle: FEAR V’s LOVE, and you, throughout all the challenges, much like the trees that have always been here to guide you, you learned to transmute negative energy into pure love

Now is the time to steady your mind and calm your heart. You have nothing to fear.

Do not let events distract you. Whatever happens on this beautiful planet, however any future unfolds, you have learned the skills to survive, to thrive, heal & rebuild. Now is the time for faith; faith in yourself.

All those long Dark nights of the soul, the waves of anxiety, and loss, these were your training.

You are each part of this beautiful army, but we are not an army that fights with bombs and guns. We are an army unlike which Gaia has ever seen. We know how to live through trauma, we know how to heal and how to help others heal, we carry the knowledge of how to create and rebuild with the most beautiful of colours.

Use this context to rid yourself of fear and most of all, be proud of yourself, you beautiful radiant lights, for YOU are love.”