Combination Therapy ~ Energy & Alignment Healing

What is Combination Energy Healing ?

Combination Energy Healing is unique to Nymah Healing. A therapy akin to a spiritual massage, it combines Energy, Chaka, Aura & Crystal Healing methods to achieve the best possible healing outcome.

What issues can Combination Energy Healing help with?

Combination Energy Healing can help to deal with a vast range of issues; physically, emotionally & on a cellular level. It can be used to unblock chakra points, strengthen the aura and raise your energetic vibration field while alleviating symptoms of stress & the modern world.

Who would benefit?

Everyone can benefit from this peaceful session. They are especially good if you are dealing with symptoms of blocked energy or blocked chakras, low or sluggish energy levels, symptoms of auric tears, physical pain & or emotional issues such as stress & anxiety.

Do you offer Combination Healing Therapy remotely?

While there are services which offer energy & reiki style healing remotely to great benefit, I prefer to conduct these sessions in person so I can achieve the maximum sense of which areas need balancing & adjusting. 

Do you touch the body?

Energy Combination Healing is mostly conducted by placing the hands slightly above the body so actual physical contact with body’s surface is not made. However, if crystals are used, I will need to place these on certain points. If you feel uncomfortable with this, we can use another method. We completely respect that some people do not like to be touched. The most important thing is that you are comfortable & your needs are met.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you like. However, we find loose-fitting comfortable clothes are best. Something like shorts and a t-shirt or vest top is perfect. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

What should I expect to feel in the session?

Everyone reacts to sessions differently. Some feel an intense healing energy straight away. Others feel the gentle energy sometime after their session. It really differs from person to person as does the individual body’s reaction.

I have had clients both cry & laugh, some have fallen asleep. Your reaction is individual to you & is perfectly natural. The more you let go of any judgements and self-criticism the greater the benefit you will receive.

Is Combination Energy Healing suitable for everyone

Absolutely, but we only work with 18 years and under if a suitable adult is present.

Are you qualified to carry out Combination Energy Healing with clients?

Yes, I hold a diploma in Chakra & Aura Healing and a separate Crystal Healing certificate. I have also been doing Energy Healing since I was 18 years old. Please see the qualifications tab for more info.

Do sessions have to be weekly?

No. You can book a one-off session, or a block of sessions & schedule them for when feels right for you. I would recommend at least a week between sessions as the healing can be intense. You may opt for every other week or monthly if this suits you better.  

Can I combine Combination Energy Healing with other healing therapies?

Absolutely. You can combine our Combination Energy Healing with any of our other healing therapies. We also offer this treatment as part of our Spiritual Life Coaching & Counselling service, although the length of the session may vary.

I have more questions, what now?

Please feel free to contact me. You can email me directly or go to the Contact tab.

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