Counselling & Psychotherapy

What is Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy are both forms of talking therapy.

As everyone is different, counselling & psychotherapy can be used in many different ways; a way to explore, reflect and understand issues, thoughts and feelings, a vehicle for change, or simply as a safe non-judgemental space that offers support and scaffolding through challenging times. During the session, a trained therapist will listen and offer therapeutic interventions.

What is Counselling?

Counselling usually refers to a more short term, solution focused therapy that looks at changing behavior patterns which are keeping us stuck.

It can also be used in times of emotional challenge for extra support.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy focuses on longer term therapeutic work and looks in depth at a broader range of issues. Psychotherapy is extremely useful for deep trauma healing work.

Why is Counselling & Psychotherapy offered under your Spiritual Coaching & Counselling (SCC) service?

Spiritual coaching & counselling is our umbrella term for a whole host of different services including talking therapy, counselling & psychotherapy, shadow work, journaling therapy and Spiritual Life Coaching.

While some of our users prefer a traditional counselling approach, others like to use a range of services. Because we wanted each of our service users to be able to experience a truly bespoke therapy tailored specifically for their needs, we decided to use this umbrella term.

Does that mean I have to be spiritual?

Absolutely not. If you’re not on the spiritual path your beliefs will always be respected & honored. If you would prefer a more traditional form of counselling, we can provide this also.

For more info on our SLCC service, please see our Spiritual Life Coaching & Counselling section

So many people take online counselling courses, how do I know you’re qualified?

After completing levels 1 to 3 at night school, I completed my 2 year diploma, in a classroom setting, with 100 hours of supervised volunteer counselling. I was fortunate in that my course was taught by guest lecturers who are some of the brightest and best in the counselling field, such as; Ernesto Spinelli and Windy Dryden. My courses are accredited by the CPCAB and NFCE. For further info on my experience & qualifications please click this link.