Ascension Coaching & Counselling (ACC)

What is Ascension Coaching & Counselling (ACC)?

Ascension Coaching & Counselling is our umbrella term for our more unique services. This is where we really delve into issues arising from being on the ascension path, taking our SCC service to a deeper and more specialised level.  

Whether your looking for guidance through Readings & Channelling, develop a connection with your soul or star family, looking to explore and expand your unique gifts, or work with activation, our ACC sessions are where the magic happens.

Who is this service aimed at?

This service is aimed at those on the ascension or magical path or anyone wanting to explore the world of divination via Readings, Channeling and the Akasha. It is specifically useful for Way Showers, Light Workers, Star Seeds & those on the Magical path.

Which services are included under the ACC?

  • Akashic Healing
  • Ascension Guidance
  • Light Code Healing : movement & spoken
  • Light Language Activation : movement & spoken
  • Meditation Advice and Mentoring
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Reading & Channelling
  • Skill Building & harnessing unique gifts
  • Other Mentoring – Connection work, Magic, Healing, Guide work, Grounding & Protection

    Everything included in our SCC Service

Can I use all of the services in one session?

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be possible as each one of our services delves into deep level healing and connection work. It may be possible to combine some services, and we can discuss this with you during your assessment.

How many sessions will I need?

This is entirely up to you. You can use our ACC for a one-off session, multiple sessions or combine it with our SLCC service if you feel you would like ongoing support.

Do I have to use the SLCC service too?

No. Our SLCC service can be used for extra support when issues arise but the ACC can be used as a one off or ongoing stand-alone service.

Packages and Pricing

Please click on this link to see our Packages & pricing page

Booking a session

So that we can be sure our service is right for you, understand your needs and offer you the best level of support, please get in touch via the contact us tab. If there is something you have in mind which is not mentioned on the above list, we’re happy to discuss this with you in more detail. If we’re able to help, we can craft you a session tailored to fit your needs at no extra cost.