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We believe in holistic healing, focusing on teaching you the tools to align yourself with your inner joy and authentic way of being. Although our services are split between Mind & Soul and Body, each one of our unique services works to unite these areas to achieve balance and inner peace.

Under each of our services there’s a whole array of info and you’re always welcome to get in touch if there’s more you’d like to know. Clicking on any of the underlined hyperlinks will take you straight to that section.

 A quick intro to our services

Under our Healing for the Mind & Soul section you will find our Spiritual Coaching and Counselling Service (SCC) which includes;

– Counselling & Psychotherapy
– Journaling Therapy
– Shadow Work Therapy
– Meridian Psychotherapy (EFT)
– Spiritual Coaching
– And more…

You will also find our Ascension Coaching & Counselling Sessions (ACC) aimed at guiding and supporting those on the ascension path. This is where our more unique services are placed, including:

– Akashic Healing
– Ascension Guidance
– Light Code Healing & activation
– Meditation Advice and Mentoring
– Mindfulness Training
– Reading & Channelling
– Skill Building & harnessing unique gifts
– And more…..

Under our Healing for the Body section you will find our Combination Energy Healing, unique to Nymah Healing. A deeply relaxing experience where the combination of Energy and Crystal Healing is used to help you feel fully aligned. We are able offer our Combination Energy therapy either in your home or at one of our local locations.

Under our Meditation Courses section, you will find our latest courses, each with a different focus from transformative to simple relaxation. These will continue to be added to and updated throughout the year.

Whether you’re just starting to take your first steps towards healing & spiritual growth, or you’re already far on your journey and seek specific guidance, here you will find a space built on Freedom, Inclusivity, Creativity, Empowerment & Respect.

It’s a pleasure to have you with us.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection


Thank you for visiting us & we wish you a wonderful healing journey

You can also get in touch via our Facebook page by searching @NymahHealing.